Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Department of Automatic Control and Robotics

Head of Department
Assoc. Prof. Łukasz Sajewski, DSc, PhD, Eng
room WE-237 (2nd floor)
+48 85 746 9378
Office of Department
Ewa Sidoruk, MSc
room WE-104 (1st floor)
+48 85 746 9420, +48 797 994 908

The Automatic Control and Robotics Department team consist of 7 independent researchers, 15 assistant professors and two research technicians. The feature of scientific activity of the staff is a high degree of internationalization: publishing in major international scientific journals, as well as participation in scientific conferences and membership in the scientific associations, networks and organizations, like IEEE and its societies (CSS, SPS, CIS), IFAC (TC 8.3, 8.4), Polish Academy of Sciences.


Automatic Control and Robotics Department realizes student education in a wide range of subjects: starting from mathematics and physics, through electronic devices and circuits, standard and programmable logic devices, microprocessor technique and microcontrollers, control engineering, robotics, control systems, computer-based measuring systems, industrial controllers, automotive electronics, finishing on advanced control theory, neural networks and artificial intelligence. There are courses on mentioned topics in Polish on several fields of studies: Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Eco-Power Engineering, practically profiled Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Robotics. And in English on Electrical and Electronic Engineering and for Erasmus+ students. Department takes care of two specializations: Industry Automatics and Microprocessor Technique, Electronics and Automatics.

Research and scientific profile


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