Faculty of Electrical Engineering

About us

Faculty of Electrical Engineering was established in 1949 as a department at Private Evening Engineering College. It is the oldest faculty of the Bialystok University of Technology.

Considering the number of students, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is currently the medium size faculty at Bialystok University of Technology with almost 1100 students. So far, more than 7,500 graduates have completed studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The faculty employs 76 research and teaching personnel who are grouped into three units.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering provides education in the following fields:

I Level Studies Engineer degree
  • Industry Digitalization (PL) new
  • Electrical Engineering (PL)
    • Power Engineering and Lighting Technology
    • Industrial Automation and Microprocessor Techniques
    • Electrical Engineering (part-time studies)
  • Electrical Engineering – dual studies (PL)
    • Industrial Automation
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EN)
  • Electronics and Telecommunication (PL)
    • Industrial Electronics and Electronic Equipment
    • Teleinformatics and Optoelectronics
    • Electronic Equipment (part-time studies)
  • Eko Power Engineering (PL)
    • Power Generation and Energy Transmission
    • Machines and Energy Devices
  • Automatic control and robotics (PL and EN)
    • Mobile Robots
    • Automation and Computerization of Processes
II Level Studies Master degree
  • Electrical Engineering (PL)
    • Industrial Automation and Microprocessor Techniques
    • Power Engineering and Lighting Technology
  • Electronics and Telecommunication (PL and EN)
    • Teleinformatics
  • Automatic control and robotics (PL and EN)
    • Industrial Automation
    • IT systems
III Level Studies: Doctoral School

Scientific Discipline: Automatic, Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Science and research areas
  • Control engineering, automation and robotics, control theory and diagnostics
  • Power engineering and renewable energy
  • Theoretical electrical engineering, metrology and telemetry
  • Industrial electronics and power electronics
  • Electromagnetic compatibility of devices, High voltage techniques
  • Signal theory and Digital Signal processing, IoT
  • Photonics, lighting technology
  • Technology and applications of special optical fibers
  • Parallel, high performance data processing
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