Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Industrial and Program Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

The Council of the Faculty of the Electrical Engineering of the Bialystok University of Technology at its meeting on January 24, 2013 established the Industrial and Program Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and approved its regulations.

The Industrial and Program Council is a social, collegial advisory body supporting the activities of the Dean and the Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The council is composed of representatives of entrepreneurs, local government, upper secondary vocational education, scientific, technical and professional associations, socio-economic organizations and institutions of the innovative business environment.

The mission of the Council is to link the current activities and intentions of the Faculty for the coming years with the strategy of innovative economic entities of the region.

Particular importance is focused on industrial sectors related to the areas of electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications, automation and energy, including support for the development of technologies related to renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.

The Council tasks are cooperation and exchange of views on the future educational offer of the Faculty and creation of high-quality education and solving other problems occurring at between the scientific community and the socio-economic environment.

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