Faculty of Electrical Engineering


TEFEN – Technical-Science Conference “The Technology of Energy Efficiency”

The aim of Conference is a scientific discussion and a workshop with the participation of scientific, expert, public administration and energy industry. The issues of energy efficiency, renewable energy, electromobility and SMART technology in shaping the energy balance of buildings, cities and communes, problems of energy policy of Podlaskie Voivodeship and problems of shaping energy consumption of various sectors are presented.

Conference website

Mechatronic Systems and Materials

Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Bialystok University of Technology participates in organization of the conference.

The aim of the conference is to provide an opportunity to share information and facilitate cooperation in mechatronics and new materials and dissemination of current research results in this multidisciplinary field.

Conference website

OFTA – Conference on Optical Fibers and Their Applications

Conference on Optical Fibers and Their Applications is a long lasting, traditional event, organized since 1976. The purpose is summarizing the developments in the field of optical fiber technology and applications in this geographical region and worldwide. Bring together experts from different fields: academia, government laboratories, industry, telecom operators, and hardware/software vendors.

Conference website

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