Faculty of Electrical Engineering

ICT and software

Students of the Faculty can use the software installed on computers in the student computer lab (room WE-027). Access cards for this laboratory are issued to students in room WE-301 (3rd floor).


Employees and students of the Faculty can use Mathworks Inc. MATLAB package as a part of the Campus Wide license. E-mail address in the pb.edu.pl domain is the condition of using. One should enter the university page on Mathworks servers, create an account using the aforementioned e-mail. After creating an account, one obtains access to installation files. During the installation, use your account as a form of licensing.

Student versions of software

After registering on the software producers’ pages, students can also use academic versions of programs of the following companies:

Usually, a condition of using the offer for students is an e-mail address in the college domain (pb.edu.pl).

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